Current Activities

The current activities of HEPI TSU at the ATLAS experiment includes the following directions:

ATLAS Hadronic Tile Calorimeter

  1. Maintenance and consolidation works (I. Minashvili, N. Mosulishvili).
  2. Operation (Tile Calorimeter Data Quality Leader and Validator shifts, Tile Calorimeter DCS and DAQ on-call expert shifts) ( J. Khubua, I. Minashvili, T. Djobava, M. Mosidze).
  3. Tile Calorimeter Demonstrator Test Beam shifts and recorded data analysis (T. Zakareishvili).
  4. Tile Calorimeter gap/crack cells in electron and jet performance (A. Durglishvili, B. Chargeishvili).
  5. Tile Calorimeter Phase II Upgrade (A. Durglishvili, B. Chargeishvili).


Physics Analysis

  1. Study of Flavor Changing Neutral Current (FCNC) top quark decays t Zq (q=u,c quarks) (A. Durglishvili, T. Djobava, M. Mosidze, G. Devidze).
  2. Observation and measurement of the production of J/ψ mesons in association with top antitop quark pairs (B. Chargeishvili, T. Zakareishvili, T. Djobava, A. Durglishvili, J. Khubua, M.Mosidze, G. Devidze in collaboration with Prof. V. Kartvelishvili from Lancaster University (UK)).
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