Archil Durglishvili
Young scientist of the institute is participating in the ATLAS experiment of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN since 2013, where he is involved in the search for "new physics".
Tamar Zakareishvili
Gogita Papalashvili
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News in particle physics
Inside the hunt for new physics at the world’s largest particle collider

During the intervening half-century, particle physicists have been exploring the subatomic landscape where Powers of Ten left off. Today, much of this global effort centers on CERN’s Large Hadron ...

19 Feb 2024

Physicists discover a quantum state with a new type of emergent particles: Six-flux composite fermions

Physicists at Purdue University have recently discovered, though, that fractional quantum Hall regimes are not limited to two-flux or four-flux and have discovered the existence of a new type of ...

21 Feb 2024

Plasma scientists develop computer programs that could reduce the cost of microchips, stimulate manufacturing

Fashioned from the same element found in sand and covered by intricate patterns, microchips power smartphones, augment appliances and aid the operation of cars and airplanes.

21 Feb 2024

Vice-Chancellor visits CERN

During the two-day visit, the Vice Chancellor could appreciate how the Department of Physics is engaged with CERN, including research around the major experiments in accelerator science, particle and ...

19 Feb 2024

An Unknown Physics Raised by the LHC

An international team of researchers has observed for the first time a novel form of decay of the Higgs boson, shedding new light on the mysteries of the Universe and ...

18 Feb 2024

LANL: Indigenous Women Find Their Stride In Physics

From left to right, Elaina Saltclah, Los Alamos graduate student Bade Sayki and Arielle Platero, a member of the first cohort of Indigenous Women in Physics pilot program and now in graduate ...

17 Feb 2024

What Is Constellation’s CAL Experiment?

Have you heard of him? He started to look into really small things like atoms, subatomic particles, waveforms, and it began to look like Classical Physics didn’t apply anymore, which is mysterious. It ...

20 Feb 2024

Physics explains what happens when a lawn sprinkler sucks in water

Lasers are used in drilling and cutting, alignment and guidance, in data storage and in surgery. particle: A minute amount of something. physics: The scientific study of the nature and properties of ...

20 Feb 2024

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