Archil Durglishvili
Young scientist of the institute is participating in the ATLAS experiment of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN since 2013, where he is involved in the search for "new physics".
Tamar Zakareishvili
Gogita Papalashvili
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News in particle physics
Scientists Propose Revolutionary Muon Collider in U.S. for Particle Physics Advancements

Particle physicists are urged to initiate the groundwork for a groundbreaking particle collider that could potentially be constructed in the United States, according to a draft report released on ...

08 Dec 2023

Big Bang observatory tops wish list for big US physics projects

Topping the ranking is the Cosmic Microwave Background–Stage IV project, or CMB-S4, which envisions an array of 12 radiotelescopes split between Chile’s Atacama Desert and the South Pole. It aims to ...

06 Dec 2023

Xinhua Headlines: World's deepest underground lab expanded to help China detect dark matter

CHENGDU, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- The world's deepest and largest underground physics laboratory went operational Thursday in southwest China's Sichuan Province, as physicists moved in and started their ...

08 Dec 2023

New dark matter theory explains two puzzles in astrophysics

Thought to make up 85% of matter in the universe, dark matter is nonluminous and its nature is not well understood. While normal matter absorbs, reflects, and emits light, dark matter cannot be seen ...

07 Dec 2023

ERC Grant: Understanding particle interactions in neutron stars

Neutron stars are among the densest objects in the universe. The processes taking place inside them are a mystery to particle physics. Observation ...

04 Dec 2023

Shrinking particle accelerators with cold plasma and a large picnic basket

Twenty-five feet below ground, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory scientist Spencer Gessner opens a large metal picnic basket. This is not your typical picnic basket filled with cheese, bread and ...

01 Dec 2023

Molecules ‘entangled’ in major physics breakthrough could advance quantum computing

Scientists have linked molecules into bizarre special states that make them interact simultaneously with each other even if they are miles apart, a breakthrough that could propel quantum ...

08 Dec 2023

Juicing power from the abyss: How black hole batteries could be the energy of the (distant) future

Black holes, despite their name, are far from being an empty space in the dark abyss. These condensed areas of space have mesmerized scientists for decades because gravity pulls so much that even ...

08 Dec 2023

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