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About us
The High Energy Physics Institute of Tbilisi State Uni­ver­sity is a scientific-academic ins­ti­tution.
JEDI Collaboration
The HEPI TSU is a member of the JEDI international collaboration at COSY IKP.
KM3NeT Project
Atlas Experiment
Institute is participating in the ATLAS experiment.
Theoretical Physics
Researches in the theoretical physics.
სიახლეები ნაწილაკების ფიზიკაში
Completing Einstein’s Theories – A Particle Physics Breakthrough

Osaka University researchers show the relativistic contraction of an electric field produced by fast-moving charged particles, as predicted by Einstein's theory, which can help improve radiation and ...

27 Nov 2022

First-time ATLAS measurement provides new look at Higgs

For the first time, physicists have a statistically significant measurement of the joint polarization of W and Z bosons.

29 Nov 2022

Complete Einstein’s Theories – A Breakthrough in Particle Physics

More than a century after it first appeared, scientists have completed Einstein's homework on special relativity in electromagnetism.Osaka University ...

28 Nov 2022

Professor Don Perkins, scientist who made significant contributions to the physics of elementary particles – obituary

Professor Don Perkins, scientist who made significant contributions to the physics of elementary particles – obituary ...

23 Nov 2022

Donald Perkins obituary

Physicist who played a key role from the birth of particle physics in the 1940s to the discovery of the Higgs boson ...

22 Nov 2022

Studying muonium to reveal new physics beyond the Standard Model

By studying an exotic atom called muonium, researchers are hoping misbehaving muons will spill the beans on the Standard Model of particle physics. To make muonium, they use the most intense ...

29 Nov 2022

The blessing and the curse of the axion’s rise in US particle physics

This hypothetical particle was theorised in the 1970s as part of a solution to a problem in the standard model of particle physics that is still outstanding. For the past eight years, the axion has ...

23 Nov 2022

Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder: ‘There are quite a few areas where physics blurs into religion’

To answer life’s biggest questions, says the German theoretical physicist and YouTuber, we need to abandon unscientific ideas such as the multiverse ...

26 Nov 2022

A particle accelerator that just turned on could reveal rare forms of matter

This is all taking place in the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, or FRIB, which is operated by Michigan State University for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science. Starting in May 2022, ...

25 Nov 2022

Dozens of earthquakes swarm Hawaii as the world's largest volcano erupts

Hawaii's Mauna Loa, the world's largest active volcano, is erupting for the first time in nearly 40 years. Dozens of earthquakes — one of them a magnitude 4.2 quake — have swarmed the region after the ...

29 Nov 2022

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