Archil Durglishvili
Young scientist of the institute is participating in the ATLAS experiment of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN since 2013, where he is involved in the search for "new physics".
Tamar Zakareishvili
Gogita Papalashvili
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News in particle physics
Physicists use machine learning techniques to search for exotic-looking collisions that could indicate new physics

One of the main goals of the LHC experiments is to look for signs of new particles, which could explain many of the unsolved mysteries in physics. Often, searches for new physics are designed to look ...

13 Jun 2024

Shaking the box for new physics: CMS collaboration reports findings on rare B⁰ meson decay

When you receive a present on your birthday, you might be the kind of person who tears off the wrapping paper immediately to see what's inside the box. Or maybe you like to examine the box, guessing ...

12 Jun 2024

Neutrinos: The inscrutable “ghost particles” driving scientists crazy

And there’s just enough mystery surrounding them that we feel compelled to build those facilities since neutrinos might just tear apart the entire particle physics community at the seams. It started ...

11 Jun 2024

Cutting-edge mathematics provides new tool for particle collision puzzle

Scientists have used computational algebraic geometry to study predictions for particle physics experiments, such as those at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which first detected the Higgs particle ...

07 Jun 2024

CERN welcomes International Year of Quantum Science and Technology

Particles can be point- or wave-like, depending on how you look at them. Their behaviour is probabilistic and can momentarily appear to violate cherished laws such as the conservation of energy.

12 Jun 2024

Quantum Magic: How “Super Photons” Are Shaping the Future of Physics

Researchers at the University of Bonn have demonstrated that super photons, or photon Bose-Einstein condensates, conform to fundamental physics theorems, enabling insights into properties that are ...

12 Jun 2024

ABB and CERN find 17.4% in energy saving for 800 motors

ABB and CERN, the European laboratory for particle physics, reported Feb. 29 that their research partnership has identified potential energy savings in the cooling and ventilation system at the ...

11 Jun 2024

Physicists want to drill a 5-kilometre-deep hole on the moon

Going deep into lunar rock could give us an opportunity to see if protons can decay into something else – a finding that could help us unify conflicting physics theories ...

07 Jun 2024

Dark Matter Decoded: How Neutron Stars May Solve the Universe’s Biggest Mystery

Recent research indicates that neutron stars might quickly heat up due to dark matter collisions, offering a new way to detect and study dark matter. Scientists may be one step closer to unraveling ...

12 Jun 2024

Brian Cox hopes new Classic FM show will get listeners looking at the universe

Professor Brian Cox hopes a new Classic FM show will encourage listeners to look at the “existential terror of the universe”. The English physicist, 56, who was a keyboard player for bands Dare and ...

13 Jun 2024

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