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About us
The High Energy Physics Institute of Tbilisi State Uni­ver­sity is a scientific-academic ins­ti­tution.
JEDI Collaboration
The HEPI TSU is a member of the JEDI international collaboration at COSY IKP.
KM3NeT Project
Atlas Experiment
Institute is participating in the ATLAS experiment.
Theoretical Physics
Researches in the theoretical physics.
სიახლეები ნაწილაკების ფიზიკაში
Particle Physicists Puzzle Over a New Duality

A hidden link between two seemingly unrelated particle collision outcomes shows a mysterious web of mathematical connections between disparate theories.

14 Aug 2022

Particle physicists want to build the world’s first muon collider

The accelerator would smash together this heavier version of the electron and, researchers hope, discover new particles.

08 Aug 2022

Lab successfully demonstrates new technique to improve particle beams

Physicists love to smash particles together and study the resulting chaos. Therein lies the discovery of new particles and strange physics, generated for tiny fractions of a second and recreating ...

10 Aug 2022

Fermilab successfully demonstrates new technique to improve particle beams

Scientists at America’s premier accelerator laboratory have successfully used a new technique, called optical stochastic cooling, to cool a particle beam and make it denser. The new method may enable ...

09 Aug 2022

Two new Emeritus Professors announced

Professor Tony Signal and Professor Barry Scott are awarded emeritus titles in recognition of their service to the university. The title “Professor Emeritus” is conferred upon retirement to select ...

14 Aug 2022

Perusing particle peripheries for rare rho mesons

For my PhD at UCD with Prof Ronan McNulty I am analysing data collected at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, where atoms are smashed together at high speed to look at particle physics. I have already ...

11 Aug 2022

Tulane Physicist Awarded $8.2M to Measure Lifetime of Free Neutron

Fred Wietfeldt, PhD, is an expert in neutron physics, especially precision neutron decay measurements. (Photo by Rusty Costanza)NEW ORLEANS — From Tulane University: Tulane physics professor Fred ...

15 Aug 2022

The future of dark matter research will ultimately be decided by politicians

What's the universe made of? The answer to that question could unlock humankind's full technological potential. But who pays for it?

08 Aug 2022

University of Massachusetts Amherst: A Mile Underground in the Quest for Dark Matter

Deep below the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Sanford Underground Research Facility (Sanford Lab) is hosting an innovative and uniquely sensitive dark matter detector—the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment, ...

15 Aug 2022

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