Virtual Institute of Physics

The Virtual Institute is a free and equal association of different Universities and research centers both from Georgia and outside. Structurally, it is not a part of any of its founding institutions. At present, there is an agreement from the High Energy Physics Institute of Tbilisi State University, Georgian-American Association "Kvali," The University of Bonn and FZ Juelich to take part in the activities of the Institute (for further ionfomation see Regional Training Network in Theoretival Physics).

The main idea behind the Virtual Institute is a wide implementation of modern communication means both in the teaching process and in the supervision of the MS/PhD students. In particular,

  • Distant teaching courses are delivered via Internet for Georgian students by the scientists residing outside Georgia. Our aim is to achieve that these full-fledged lecture courses with exercises and examinations eventually become a part of the curriculum offered by the Georgian Universities.
  • Joint supervision of the MS and PhD students is performed. It is planned that the best students, during working on their MS/PhD theses, will spend part of their time in the western institutions.
  • Virtual Institute organizes regular seminars held by leading scientists in their pertinent fields. The transmission of these seminars, like the regular lecture courses, proceeds through the Internet